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Seven Til Midnight Baby doll


A babydoll is a short, loose fitting negligee that comes with matching panties or boyshorts. Most babydolls have formed cups called a bralette, to enhance and maximize cleavage. They have an attached loose fitting skirt that usually flows to the upper thigh in length. Babydolls are often trimmed with lace, ruffles, appliques, marabou fur, bows and ribbons. They are made of a sheer or translucent fabric like nylon, chiffon or silk. Most babydolls have spaghetti type straps that are adjustable, like a bra strap.

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A bodystocking is a one-piece article of lingerie that covers the entire body. They are designed to replace underwear and can be worn with nothing underneath it. Women sometimes chose to wear a bra or panty with the bodystocking for additional coverage and support. Opaque bodystockings were made to be worn in replacement of tights and a blouse. Bodystockings now come in all types of fabrics such as nylon, lace, fishnet and satin materials. Some bodystockings are also made of a sheer material to wear under a more revealing outfit. This offers a sheer coverage and uplifting support, similar to Spanx.





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The bra, or brassiere, is the most popular piece of lingerie that is worn to help lift and support a woman’s breasts. Bras come in various colors, sizes, fabrics, and styles made to serve every day wear and all your sexy lingerie needs. Some popular types of bras are:

Bandeau Bra: A Bandeau Bra covers the breast with a strip of material that may or may not have fasteners in the front or back. Some bandeau bras have underwire for support and are to resemble a “tube top”.

Push Up Bra: A Push Up Bra emphasizes cleavage by providing lift and support to the breasts. These bras are often are lined with additional padding to add fullness to the breast.

Shelf Bra: A Shelf Bra is also known as a cupless bra or brassiere. It is designed of an under-wired frame along the inframammary line that supports or lifts a woman’s breasts, without enclosing the breast in the actual bra.

Underwire Bra: An Underwire Bra features either plastic or metal wires running under each of the cups, allowing extra support to the breasts. Underwire bras can be lightly lined for coverage and added fullness.


 A bustier (alternately bustiere) is a form-fitting piece of lingerie. Bustiers are made to tighten the midsection while forcing the breast up, enhancing the cleavage. It helps women achieve the hour glass shape they desire. Many women wear them as a push-up bra, under their favorite dress or as outerwear for a night out on the town. Bustiers offer sexiness both inside and outside the bedroom!







A Camisole, or Cami, is a short piece of lingerie covering the upper part of the body. They usually extend to the waist but some are cut to expose the midsection. Camisole can both be worn in and out of the bedroom, depending on the fabric. Most camisoles are made of a lighter material such as cotton, silk, satin, lycra, nylon and spandex. They have spaghetti straps and some may offer underwire support to eliminate the need for a bra.







A chemise is a delicate and provocative one-piece of lingerie that resembles a short, sleeveless dress. A chemise can be loose fitting, depending on the item. They hang from strait from the shoulders and tighten lightly at the waist. Some chemise can be form fitting, as they cling more to your body, depending on the material. A chemise resembles a babydoll in that they are both short, loose fitting, and sleeveless.






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Club Wear:

Club wear is a type of clothing that is often provocative and revealing, that is worn to nightclubs. There are many different styles of club wear such as bikini sets, tutu’s, short mini dresses, corsets, skirt sets, fuzzy leg warmers and more!







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A Corset is a top worn for both lingerie and outerwear that is made to hold and shape your body. Corsets often have binding or bonding to help achieve the hour glass shape, emphasizing a women’s figure. Corsets help reduce the midsection, while accentuating the hips and lifting up the bust. They come in all types of colors and styles, such as Halter, Strapless, Underbust, and Overbust. and Corset Dresses.






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A gown has a close fitting bodice and a long flowing skirt that usually touches the ground. Gowns come in many different styles and colors. They are often made of a satin, silk, lace, or chiffon type material.



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Hosiery, often called legwear, is close fitting garments you wear on your legs and feet. They usually are made of a nylon, fishnet and silk materials. Some hosiery items include Pantyhose, Thigh HI’s, Knee HI’s and Tights. Usually hosiery is made of a sheer material allowing legs to still be visible but giving a silky smooth look. Thigh HI’s give that extra sexiness when paired with your favorite lingerie item and garters!






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Leg Garters & Garter Belts:

 Leg Garters & Garter Belts are made to hold up various types of hosiery. Garter belts are worn around a women’s waist and have straps attached to hook onto stockings and thigh HI’s. They are often made of silk, lace, leather and vinyl materials. Garter belts come in all types of styles and colors, from sexy and flirty to something on the wild side!






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Mini Dress:

A Mini Dress is a dress with a hemline above the thigh. They are usually a tight fitting garment that shows off the body’s curves. There are several different styles available such as fishnet, lace, second skin, sheer, sequins and more.  These are sure to turn heads both in the bedroom and out on the town!







elegant moments sold at (buy now) 8575Panties:

Panties are every woman’s must haves! They come in various styles, colors and fabrics. From the comfortable boyshorts that offer full coverage to the sexy thong offering less. There are many choices out there! Some of the most popular materials are cotton, satin, silk, lace, leather and now vinyl. Here are some of the most popular styles:

Bikini:Bikini panties sit at hip level with a narrower, string like sides, and moderate coverage in back.

Boyshorts: Boyshorts panties are short shorts that are tight fitting and stay in place under clothes. Made to                  resemble men’s briefs, these are becoming the favorites among many women.

Crotchless: Crotchless panties do not have material covering the vaginal area, allowing for easy access in the bedroom.  They come in different styles and materials such as lace, satin, cotton and silk.

G-String: G-String panties are a thong with no coverage of the butt. They have thin straps that attach the front end to the back and usually sit at a low rise position. These are a must and a favorite when preventing panty lines!

Thong: Thong panties give a seamless and smooth look due to the minimal coverage of the panty. They create a “V” shape at the top rear of the panty and narrow out towards the crotch. Many thongs have a lace trim and are made of various materials and colors.

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Pasties are a decorative patch that covers a woman’s nipples and areolae which are affixed with adhesive. There are several different colors, diameters, shapes and costume types available for any occasion! Pasties are commonly associated with burlesque and erotic entertainment, but also are known for wearing under that little black dress and eliminating bra strap lines.






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Playsuits are an all in one lingerie item where the top half is connected to the bottom. Playsuits come in many different styles, the most popular being the apron. A must in every woman’s lingerie drawer!






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A robe is a loose fitting outer garment that usually has sleeves. Robes can vary in length, short to long, and in come in many different styles. The most popular robes are the sheer, lace and satin type ones that can be worn over your favorite lingerie pieces.







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Sleep Wear:

Sleepwear is clothing made to be worn while sleeping. Most sleepwear consists of 2 pieces, a top and bottom, and can either be shorts or long pants. There are many styles and materials to choose from. The most popular being chiffon, cotton, silk, satin or synthetic materials.







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Teddies cover a woman’s body and crotch all in one. This one-piece lingerie item resembles a bodysuit in that it is sleeveless but often more sheer and sexy. Some teddies have the crotchless option or a thong back, allowing you to wear under clothing if wanted. Teddies come in many materials such as lace, satin, silk, nylon, cotton, leather, vinyl and more.




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